Monday, February 23, 2009

Gigantic Niceness from Ron Scot Fry!

“In her work as Jane the Phoole, Ann-Elizabeth defines character. This is how she does it. def. 1 character: a distinct, entertaining persona created for the purpose of delighting and fascinating an audience. "Jane the Phoole is a 'character' of renoun at any event where she appears." def. 2 character: a being who is extreme, unusual, original, and possibly eccentric. "That Jane the Phoole is quite the 'character', what?" def. 3 character: the sum of human qualities that includes integrity, intelligence, determination, dedication, sensitivity, honesty, and grace, frequently mentioned by parents as the desired result of eating vegetables or otherwise undergoing 'character building' adversity. "Ann-Elizabeth is a performer and human being of tremendous 'character'." I have had the privilege of working with many of the greatest talents in the Renaissance Faire and New Vaudeville world. Ann-Elizabeth ranks with the best of them. I recommend her whole-heartedly.”

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