Monday, February 23, 2009

Ginger Breo Heaps On Niceness!

“Saying that Ann-Elizabeth is an exemplary fool sounds unintentionally like an insult; it could not be further from it. In a world that disdains the ridiculous, A-E transcends the mundane and raises foolery to an art form. She has frequently made my sides hurt in the best way; if laughter is indeed the best medicine, then she is my general practitioner of fun.”

Designer Bob Stotts Gives a Shout-Out!

“I'm an artist and designer who, for several years, had the good fortune to study, and then perform with, Ann Elizabeth at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. The Ren Faire is a extraordinary entity; a, primarily unscripted, continuous, free-form participatory play which provides a fertile and challenging ground for performers to hone their skills and, of course, provides unique entertainment for the many thousands of visitors every year. Joining the troupe allowed me the opportunity, happily, to participate in a lengthy and rigorous training with the ensamble player cast prior to actually performing for visitors. The directors of the Faire, not surprisingly, entrusted Ann Elizabeth with, probably, the most ethereal and challenging part of the player's training, and something for which she is a bona-fide expert-the creation and development of the characters that we would bring to our "stage". A-E was the natural choice for this as she was (is) universally regarded as one of the most gifted, focused, and professional of the great many fine performers at the Faire. It is actually a funny thing for me to be writing a "recommendation" for a performer of her caliber. As someone who has the good fortune to be a professional in the arts, and fully enjoying a life that revolves around the cultivation of my craft, I have a great appreciation for the passion the Ann Elizabeth brings to her "fools business". Therefore, I unhesitatingly recommend Ann Elizabeth to perform for you or your group, though, I feel confident in saying that few (aside form those that, themselves, do such improvisational acting) will fully appreciate the nuance and quality that A-E brings to the performance of her alter ego, Jane the Phoole. Prepare yourself for a rare treat.”

Zesty Sentiment from Barry Wightman!

“It's as if a strange warp in the fabric of time bounced A-E's alter-ego Jane the Phoole from 15th century England onto our doorstep by way of the Marx Brothers and the Summer of Love. Fly Phoole Airways...gets you there on time....”

(Barry Wightman is the Managing director of Sound and Script LLC!)

Zingy Love from Jim Farris!

“Ann-Elizabeth Shapera is a fool! And I mean that in the most professional, entertaining, energizing, intelligent, literate, life-affirming way possible. Through her character, "Jane, the Phoole", Ann-Elizabeth has given life and meaning to the "fool" in all of us. She embodies a carefree spirit, who is at the same time aware, responsible and caring for the thousands of people she has encountered over the years. Never mean-spirited, "Jane" can often put us in our place, but with a smile ... and the smile is ours! I highly recommend Ann-Elizabeth, and "Jane", for any circumstance where good humor and sparkling wit are called for.”

(Jim Farris directs interactive educational theatrical happenings at the Kenosha Civil War Museum, , and was one of the great forces behind the heyday glory of the Guilde of St. George at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.)

Gigantic Niceness from Ron Scot Fry!

“In her work as Jane the Phoole, Ann-Elizabeth defines character. This is how she does it. def. 1 character: a distinct, entertaining persona created for the purpose of delighting and fascinating an audience. "Jane the Phoole is a 'character' of renoun at any event where she appears." def. 2 character: a being who is extreme, unusual, original, and possibly eccentric. "That Jane the Phoole is quite the 'character', what?" def. 3 character: the sum of human qualities that includes integrity, intelligence, determination, dedication, sensitivity, honesty, and grace, frequently mentioned by parents as the desired result of eating vegetables or otherwise undergoing 'character building' adversity. "Ann-Elizabeth is a performer and human being of tremendous 'character'." I have had the privilege of working with many of the greatest talents in the Renaissance Faire and New Vaudeville world. Ann-Elizabeth ranks with the best of them. I recommend her whole-heartedly.”

High Praise from Susan Scot Fry!

“Ann-Elizabeth is a visionary performer and leader and manages to create great consistency in the extremely high quality of her work. She is always in growth and has established herself as a valued mentor. If I am seeking pure energetic brilliance, I know it's a phone call away.”

Kind Words from Guilde of St. George Member Becky Dutton!

“Ann-Elizabeth is a master of her art. She is dedicated, hard-working, and always perfecting her performance. Just watching her in action affords others to learn how to improve their own interactions with playtrons at Bristol Renaissance Faire. I have had the privelege to learn from her in workshops, and watch her at faire. She is a wealth of talent and knowledge... Plus she is a really a really nice person!”