Monday, February 23, 2009

Designer Bob Stotts Gives a Shout-Out!

“I'm an artist and designer who, for several years, had the good fortune to study, and then perform with, Ann Elizabeth at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. The Ren Faire is a extraordinary entity; a, primarily unscripted, continuous, free-form participatory play which provides a fertile and challenging ground for performers to hone their skills and, of course, provides unique entertainment for the many thousands of visitors every year. Joining the troupe allowed me the opportunity, happily, to participate in a lengthy and rigorous training with the ensamble player cast prior to actually performing for visitors. The directors of the Faire, not surprisingly, entrusted Ann Elizabeth with, probably, the most ethereal and challenging part of the player's training, and something for which she is a bona-fide expert-the creation and development of the characters that we would bring to our "stage". A-E was the natural choice for this as she was (is) universally regarded as one of the most gifted, focused, and professional of the great many fine performers at the Faire. It is actually a funny thing for me to be writing a "recommendation" for a performer of her caliber. As someone who has the good fortune to be a professional in the arts, and fully enjoying a life that revolves around the cultivation of my craft, I have a great appreciation for the passion the Ann Elizabeth brings to her "fools business". Therefore, I unhesitatingly recommend Ann Elizabeth to perform for you or your group, though, I feel confident in saying that few (aside form those that, themselves, do such improvisational acting) will fully appreciate the nuance and quality that A-E brings to the performance of her alter ego, Jane the Phoole. Prepare yourself for a rare treat.”

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