Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wicked Shout-Out from Improv Wizard Deanna Antony

"I was just thinking about how electric it was to run into you and Tom Charney with guest. I think I became borederline obnoxious on the ride home with my friend Christie, as I said different variations of 'That was so crazy cool we ran into them' about every 15 min. I was replaying that moment and every other magical moment you are attached to in my thought-feeling memories on constant loop. This is the over due thanks. Being someone in my life saga, who rattles and shakes and indents on areas I wasn't even aware of. Someone who sticks around in your cells long after the time has past and reminds you of how everything is connected and how much fun life is/can be if you let. it.Thanks for being magical. I hope you are having many adventures of the very best kind."

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