Sunday, October 12, 2008

Giant Compliment from the amazing Frank Skony

"As I was perusing some old pictures the other day, I came across one of the Nobles Glade from... Oh, back in 96 I think, which is one of my earliest recollections of being in your presence....You're sitting on the dias, No,not in your now customary place, but off with the maids on one side...Sitting in your blue gown with the large diamonds all over it, biggens cap covering your head just so.... holding what appears to be, and I think was,a gourd hollowed out, open in the back, with some eye holes to act as a mask... We were all so much younger then.... and it almost seems like yesterday and another time all rolled into one, but one thing I noticed in that picture, is the exact same light coming from your face that is still there today, shining perhaps even brighter with the wisdom you've gained as we've seen the dawn of a new millenium, watched good friends come and go from our lives, and faced the hardships that are life as an artist. I've been blessed to know and be a small part of your life, to see you laugh when you're not so happy, to see you cry when you're overjoyed and overwhelmed, to see just what someone can do with their talents, and to see where those talents can take someone personally. You inspire people everyday, wether you know it or not, and you, I think, are well on your way to becoming a legend, not only in your living room, but in the world at large. You have done all of these things, and you're only 33! I can only hope that in 4 years, when I'm at my 'Jesus Day' as you so hilariously called it, that I can look back at the small part of my life that has passed, and say, 'I did that' with as much confidence as I know you can. You have been a great influence in my life... Yeah, as all actors are prone to do, we don't hangout as much as we should or want to, we are separated by a state line and lots of farms that conspire against us at times, but since I have known you, I have always wanted to be, in some small way, a bit like you, and have taken your lead in my endeavours, and in my life...You are the best!"

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