Friday, March 6, 2009

Mighty bushels of kudos from Efry Ayala!

"Ann-Elizabeth, or AE, as we often refer to her, is quite possibly the most energetic, motivating, and passionate entertainer and teacher I have ever had the chance to work with. While being engaged with work as a costumer and actor at the Bristol Renaissance Fair, I first came into contact with AE as a student of hers. Her activities and coaching were critical to my success, but really it was her highly engaging entertainment style that makes every student be attracted to her a mentor and leader. I am a Corporate Trainer professionally and the skills she taught me for acting have also greatly influenced my professional classroom style.

"Her biggest quality by far is that of being a larger-than-life entertainer. AE's ability to transfor a miniscule hitorical character into a regional celebrity is fodder for legends. She is never one to miss an opportunity to engage a patron, especially big and little children, or a fellow actor. Her presence is so bombastic that even if all the lights were to go out of the world, her laugh, physcial characterization, and persona would light up the room, theater, parade, or forest preserve she performed in. One never knows how the world will turn when interacting with AE, and that is the best part."

(Efrain "Efry" Ayala is the Senior Learning and Development Specialist at Panduit, and he's also the Founder, Designer and Dressmaker at AyalaMurano, Inc.)

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